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Garance is an exclusive lifestyle resource for modern parents. It’s the baby of Hortense de Chabot-Tramecourt, a Parisian who moved to London three years ago, leaving behind a career in the Assemblée Nationale, and the network of like-minded families with whom she had shared lifestyle advice.

Newly arrived in the city, Hortense began working on the idea of Garance while busy completing a PHD in political sciences, and found herself yearning for a better way to connect with the family life of the city.

Hortense, who has two small children, designed Garance for parents like herself. Who would love to share and find the perfect tutor for their children, recommend a brilliant babysitter, or sell a barely worn Bonpoint coat or Stokke stroller to someone who’ll appreciate it. By inviting only trusted friends and contacts to join, Garance retains the assurance of quality and taste that you get from a small circle. By allowing that circle to extend the invitation to their own trusted friends, the site becomes a platform for a growing community of families, looking to make life a little easier for themselves…and one another.

Garance’s values

Garance aspires to make life easier for like-minded parents. There may be other means for them to connect with one another, but not one that comes with quality and trust as a given. These are the values that underpin Garance, and everything we do.


Garance exists to connect parents, enabling them to share their insight and experience – helping each other make the right choices and find lifestyle solutions. 



Garance places the concept of trust at its core. The community is strictly invitation only, and members’ activity and input is rated to ensure that high standards of security, quality and honesty are maintained.




Items sold through Garance are expected to meet the high standards of the site and its members. Products must be from premium and designer labels, and in excellent condition. 

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